Lofted & Elevated
Swimming Pools
Chester Lofted, Elevated & Rooftop
Swimming Pool Features

Chester Pool Systems lofted, elevated, high-rise and roof top pools are backed by decades of experience in the design and installation of these demanding, specialized swimming pools. 

  • Chester Pools offer the ultimate blend of safety, durability, and ease of operation, developed and perfected through years of testing and field monitoring.

  • Single source responsibility – Chester designs and builds a complete pool system with a tank, piping, and filter engineered for efficient water handling and treatment.

  • Reduced total pool weight when compared to conventional concrete construction.

  • All components are factory-built and tested to be water tight

  • Redundant containment system when using the optional Chester Aquabond Liner.

  • Flexible components – Chester pool tanks flex to absorb thermal stress and building shifts without damage to pool.

  • Unlimited pool size and configuration by using multiple components

  • Optional tile finish at waterline or in complete pool interior

  • Pool start up and owner training

  • Complete pool operation manual

  • Chester has been providing customer support for over 50 years.

Chester Pool Systems is committed to providing a total, operating pool system that is functionally and aesthetically designed to serve your guests.  Chester will work with you to keep the pool portion of your project on-time, and on-budget, while providing a beautiful asset to your facility.

Optional Deck Accessories
Deck Equipment
Add safety and utility with deck mounted ladders, guardrails, handicap lifts, depth markers, showers, and more.
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Pool Filter Packages
Engineered, palletized filter systems, designed for your pool, your site, and your application, factory built and tested.
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Pool Design Options
Design Options
Spectacular visual and safety features are available including zero-depth, steps bulkheads, Horizon vanishing edges, waterwalls
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