Chester Spas & Hot Tubs
Chester Spas & Hot Tubs
Chester design and construction offer the optimum solutions for the requirements demanded of spas and hot tubs.

Spa Features
Chester commercial Spas and Hot Tubs offer an unique combination of features, making them the preferred choice of spas when style and elegance combined with function and maintainability are desired.  With a Chester commercial spa you receive:
  • Stand alone structural frame design
  • Total weight reduction over similar size concrete construction
  • Standard and custom sizes including freeform shapes
  • Choice of finishes include tile, exotic stone work and polished SS
  • Stone or integral stainless steel bullnose handgrip edge
  • Matched filter packages
  • Full integral piping systems to single point connection
  • Sch. 80 PVC standard (stainless steel optional) or as code requires
  • Extensive lighting choices including LED and fiber optic
  • Choice of complimentary water features
  • Full CAD design and submittal packages
  • State and local health code compliance
  • Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act compliance
  • Factory dispatched crew installation available
  • Ultra Low maintenance

Chester Scope of Work - Spa Specific Items
  • Spa/Hot Tub/Therapy pool
  • Filtration and choice of heat source
  • Under-water Lighting
  • Deck Equipment
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Factory Dispatched Installation Crew
  • Bonding - OCIP/CCIP Capabilities
  • Establish scope of work and coordination of related trades
  • Site Consultation & Coordination
  • Hoisting
  • Spa to Filter Piping
  • Primary Electrical
  • Primary gas, boiler or steam supply connection to heater
  • Fresh Water Supply
Typical Spa/Hot Tub SizesTypical Lead Times
  • Submittals - 6 weeks
  • Fabrication, testing, and delivery - 8 weeks
  • Installation - 1 day

Budget Pricing
  • Request a budget proposal   >> more

Chester Pool Systems offers design, build, and installation capabilities, providing single source responsibility for the operation of your pool, ensuring that each component is properly sized and installed.

Chester offers total package systems, ensuring that your guests will be relaxing safely and comfortably from the time of spa start up.
Deck Mounted Accessories
Deck Equipment
Add safety and utility with deck mounted ladders, guardrails, handicap lifts, depth markers, showers, and more.
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Chester Filter Systems
Engineered, palletized filter systems, designed for your pool, your site, and your application, factory built and tested.
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Design Options
Design Options
Spectacular visual and safety features are available including zero-depth, steps bulkheads, Horizon vanishing edges, waterwalls
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