Pool Renovation
Swimming Pool Renovation - Shady Side Academy
Shady Side Academy - Pittsburgh, PA
Swimming Pool Problems?
Chester has the solutions
Bring your existing pool back to life.  Make it new again - inviting for your guests and easy for you to operate and maintain.

Does your existing pool exhibit any of these problems?
  • Pool appearance
  • Pool tank integrity
  • Pool tank size, depth, or shape
  • Filter performance
The pool experts at Chester can help you solve these problems with your existing pool.  Undoubtedly your guest's needs have changed since the construction of your present pool.  Chester can bring your pool up to date.

Save money - Chester can modify the depth, length, or configuration of your existing pool for a fraction of the cost and time required for new pool construction.

Spalling Concrete - Paint Failure - Unsightly Fiberglass Coating?
Chester can make your pool tank like new again while eliminating the headaches associated with traditional pool coating systems by installing a Chester Aquabond PVC Membrane system.  Chester's Aquabond membrane can be installed directly over your existing pool coating without the mess and expense of sandblasting.

Out of Date Pool?
Is your existing pool tank too large, not a competitive size, too deep, or not deep enough?  Chester can solve these problems while using your existing pool as a foundation, with Chester's Pool-Within-A-Pool.  When completed not only do you have a pool that is up to date with your current requirements, you have a visually attractive pool that will provide years of low maintenance operation.

Filtration Problems?
Experiencing operation or Board of Health issues with your filtration system?  Does your wading pool need its own dedicated filter?  Bring your pool's filtration system up to date with a Chester filter module, designed and built specifically for your facility.

Chester filters are factory built, tested, and shipped to your site ready for installation.

Existing Chester Pool Operator?
No one knows your Chester pool like Chester Pool Systems.  Chester Pool Systems knows the proper approach and processes for maintaining and renovating your existing Chester Pool, saving you wasted time and money.

You can depend on the knowledge and experience of Chester Pool Systems to correctly analyze and affect any repairs or modifications that you require.

Where Do I Start?
Don't make a move without the facts.  Determining your best course of action can be difficult without sufficient information.

Chester's Facility Audits make it easy to establish your options.  An on-site visit by a Chester pool expert can cut through the confusion and uncertainty.

Following a site visit, you will receive a comprehensive report delineating the areas in need of immediate and long-term attention, along with a cost estimate for the repairs or modifications.

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First Step Toward Solving Your Pool's Problems
Call (800) 248-5486 and speak with a Chester pool and spa expert.  Discuss the specific issues and problems affecting your pool, and review solutions and possible options.

After Renovation
Updated Pool
Filter Renovation
Aquabond Membrane
Drain Box Update
Drain Box
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Attention Existing Pool & Spa Owners and Operators
New 2010 ADA Accessibile Design Guidelines for public and private swimming pools, wading pools, and spas.  New regulations require modifications to existing facilities not in compliance.For more information on the requirements and how Chester Pool Systems can help bring your pool into compliance
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