2010 Standards
Methods of Compliance
2010 Standards for Accessible Design
Swimming Pools – Wading Pools – Spas
Methods of Compliance – Section 1009
Chester ADA Accessibility Stairs

Approved Methods of Compliance
Department of JusticeSwimming Pools, Wading Pools, & Spas - Section 1009 outlines approved methods of compliance to the 2010 regulations, and explains which methods are appropriate, depending upon the type, size, and use of the facility.

For larger swimming pools, more than one type of access may be required.

Your Chester representative can assist with determining which method(s) of entry is best for your facility.

Pool Lift
Chester Pool Lift Details
Pool Lift Illustration

Sloped EntrySloped Entry Illustration

Transfer WallTransfer Wall Illustration

Transfer SystemTransfer System Illustration
Pool StepsPool Steps Illustration

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bringing your pool into compliance with current accessibility guidelines.

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Deck Equipment
Deck Equipment
Add safety and utility with deck mounted ladders, guardrails, handicap lifts, depth markers, showers, and more.
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Filter System Package
Engineered, palletized filter systems, designed for your pool, your site, and your application, factory built and tested.
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Design Options
Design Options
Spectacular visual and safety features are available including zero-depth, steps bulkheads, vanishing edges, waterwalls
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