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ADA Accessibility Lift
ADA Accessibility Pool Lift
ADA Accessible Pool Lift

Chester Pool Systems’ accessibility pool lifts are compliant with the 2010 Accessible Design requirements.

Chester lifts feature:
  • Water powered operation
  • Automatic rotation
  • Easily accessible, independently operable controls
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • 400lb lift capacity
  • Molded white seat with footrest, armrest, and seat belt
  • Removable for storage
  • Factory crew installation
  • Made in US
Chester Pool code-compliant lifts feature rugged stainless steel frame construction with a lifting capacity of 400 lbs. Conveniently located controls are accessible to the swimmer both seated on deck and in the water. As lift raises or lowers, seat automatically rotates, eliminating need for attendant. Lift operation may be stopped or reversed at any point. Water powered lift operation eliminates concerns or monitoring of an electric system and maintenance of electric motors, relays, and switches. When desired, lift is easily removed and stored.

Chester pool lifts can be tailored to your individual requirements. Optional lift accessories and features include:
  • Flip-up armrest(s)
  • Head rest
  • Larger seat size
  • Spine board attachment
  • Integral, permanently plumbed water supply
Chester ADA Pool Lift
Chester Pool Installation - Chester has designed a custom anchor system for lift installation on Chester pools. This unique anchor provides the required structure and critical bonding to the pool tank without the inconvenience and expense of traditional deck-mounted lift anchors. Optionally, the lift can be installed with a concealed water supply line, eliminating both a visual and tripping hazard. Installation is performed by a bonded, factory dispatched crew.

Chester Pools with Existing Lifts - Chester may be able to provide a code compliant pool lift that utilizes your existing lift anchor, thus saving you time and money. Contact Chester to determine suitability for your situation.

Begin planning now to bring your facility to code compliance, and avoid a last minute scramble.

Chester ADA Lift Information SheetPDF File

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