Chester Filters
Chester Pool Systems Filtration Features
Chester Filter Systems

Chester Filtration Systems are designed for the individual performance needs of the project, in conjunction with State and Local Health Department requirements. 

Chester Filter Modules Are Available With:
  • All components contained on marine-alloy aluminum, house-keeping pallet
  • Convenient installation - arrives in one-piece module ready to position and install
  • Designed to meet state and local health deptment code requirements
  • Compact design incorporates pool-specific control valves
  • Available with gas fired, electric, or steam/boiler heat source
  • Pre-wired control panel with interlocks
  • Full range of chemical systems
  • Intuitive controls with operations manual
  • Simple connections
  • Available with noise-attenuating vibration supression mounts
  • User friendly
  • Fully accessible for service
  • Custom designed, factory-built and tested, shipped direct
  • Piping systems include sch. 80 PVC as standard (stainless steel piping available as an option or where required by local code)

Typical Pool Filtration Piping Schematic

Typical Filtration Schematic

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