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Chester filtration systems are designed for the individual performance needs of the project, in conjunction with State and Local Health Department requirements.  Shown above is a combined pool/spa filter pallet.

There are three main types of swimming pool filters, cartridge, sand and D.E. (diatomaceous earth).

The suitability of a filter for a pool typically has more to do with pool size, than with pool type.  From experience, Chester recommends the operational simplicity and water quality of a cartridge filter systems.

Chester filters are designed to exceed the minimum requirements for water quality and to provide ample margins for quick recovery.

Chester filter features:
  • Individually selected and sized to pool and health code requirements

  • Palletized construction for easy handling and installation.

  • Fully tested prior to shipping.

  • Following testing, filter connections are capped or plugged, and the filter pallet is enclosed, eliminating site damage or contamination prior to connection to pool tank piping.
Heating sources, including gas, electric and heat exchangers, can be incorporated along with full electrical panels to provide a custom sanitation system that is truly “plug and play”

Chester uses only NSF listed commercial components as required by state and local health departments.

All components are pre-tested prior to shipment, insuring that they operate as designed from the time of pool startup.

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Filter Pallet

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