Pool Hoisting
Hoist Chester Pool
Hoisting Chester Pools
Pool Hoisting Overview
For many pool sizes, fast, one-day installation is possible utilizing Chester's pool hoisting capability.  This economical, time saving approach keeps work site interruption to a minimum while speeding project completion.

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Chester Pool Systems™ attaches strategically positioned temporary lifting lugs to the finished pool structure.  Once the pool is set in its final location, these lifting lugs are removed as part of the pool tank installation process.

Hoist Louisville Plaza

For larger size pools, pool sections may be hoisted and positioned in a similar manner.

Swimming Pools
Recreation, municipal, and competitive pools are available in the size, shape, and depth required for today's demanding applications.
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Lofted & Rooftop
Spectacular elevated, lofted, and roof-top pools provide a focal point within your project for your guests to enjoy for years.
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